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With the top 14 Marketing Tools Our Highest Performing Clients Are Using 

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What this Marketing Automation Checklist will share....


Plus...I rate the tools by price, learning curve and how user friendly it is, so that you can keep

your budget in mind and waste less time figuring out which tools work best for you. 



  • Leverage Your Content

    Tools that help you leverage your content (blogs, video, podcasts, social) further to increase exposure, and save you time and money. 

  • Boost Podcast Leads

    Software we use to automate podcasts, plus it'll surprise you how this ONE software will boost your leads dramatically!

  • Create Urgency

    A quick and easy tool to create urgency in your email marketing to multiply your conversions.

  • Have a Consistent Brand

    Apps we use for our clients to create beautiful and branded social media, to ensure you have a consistent brand that gets noticed.


  • Increase Video Rankings

    THE multi tool for You Tube that will up level your videos, boost rankings and automate processes. Plus the price will blow you away!

  • BONUS Content!

    BONUS video tutorials and podcast interviews with some of my favorite tool creators!

Who's The Author?

I'm Lyndsay Phillips, CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, Speaker, Podcast Host and Content Marketing Expert helping entrepreneurs across North America grow their business. 


I've tried and used a TON of tools, apps and plugins in my business and for my clients. This list includes the VERY best tools to help you get more done, with less stress PLUS attract and convert customers faster with your content marketing. 

Helping entrepreneurs attract & convert more customers faster with powerful content marketing


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