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Consistent Social Media is the MOST common struggle busy entrepreneurs face today. 


A huge struggle that many entrepreneurs face, in my experience, is finding the time to do their content marketing, coming up with ideas, and being consistent with it.


This includes creating and implementing blogging, podcasting, and video marketing on a regular basis, getting new content out to….  

  • Attract traffic to your website 
  • Grow your e-list 
  • Convert traffic to paying customers 
  • Build your brand 
  • Build your reputation & expert status 
  • Increase your exposure 

But an even BIGGER complaint or struggle I see is promoting said content through social media. This roadmap will make it easy to..... 



  • Know Where To Start

    Learn the right questions to ask so you know where to start. What platforms to use, what medium of content and what topics. 


  • Have A Plug & Play Template For Each Week

    I share my easy to use template to plan out the social media for each week. What to share, where it's going, what the graphic is. Plug and Play! 

  • Know What To Post Each Month

    I share the 'roadmap' I use for my content and clients so we have a social media marketing strategy for the month. 


  • PLUS Resource To Fast Track Your Social Media Marketing

    I also share bonus tips on what you do AFTER you post, plus how to grow your business faster through social media and content marketing.

Who's The Author?

I'm Lyndsay Phillips, CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, Speaker, Podcast Host and Content Marketing Expert helping entrepreneurs across North America grow their business. 


I've tried and used a TON of tools, apps and plugins in my business and for my clients. This list includes the VERY best tools to help you get more done, with less stress PLUS attract and convert customers faster with your content marketing. 

Grow Your Business Through A Consistent Social Presence

Remember, your audience looks to social media to see if you are an expert, understand how you can help, and if they like you.


Use it to grow relationships, gain exposure, establish credibility and attract and acquire customers faster. This template will help you get consistent so you can grow faster. 

Helping entrepreneurs attract & convert more customers faster with powerful content marketing


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